Tutorial: Unwrapping cables

Cables, vines, tentacles and pipes can be very fiddly things to unwrap, a proces made much easier by the cool UV tools within Blender! The video tutorial below goes through the process from beginning to end, complete with an example of what to do when a common UV unwrapping error occurrs: unwrapping a mesh with inconsistent normals.


As usual comments and crits welcome.

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  1. Hello, i just found your uv normalize script. Since it’s an old product, i was wondering if i can use it in blender 2.68 or 2.7
    I am a mac user and i am having a hard time installing it. So it came to a point where i dont know if i am doing soemthing worng with the installation or maybe the script wont work in those blender versions. I would appreciate any help you could give me. thank you very much.

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