New Addon: Start Cube Modelling

Hello all!

In an effort to regain my modelling prowess, I’ve decided to model more, and in typical fashion I have written an add-on to speed that process up.

Start Cube Modelling will create a cube, slice half of it away, add a mirror modifier, enable clipping and get you straight into edit mode. From zero to modelling in less than a tenth of a second!

Download it here.

At the moment the add-on is only available through the Search menu. I doubt that it will ever have a shortcut (it’s not something we’ll access that often), though I may add it to the Add > Meshes menu in the future.


New Addon: Make Faces Planar


It’s been a long time…

Here is my latest creation, Make Faces Planar.

Select a bunch of faces in a mesh and make them co-planar in a single click!


Force Orthogonal (optional)

Force the plane to be orthogonal [1] Facing fully X, Y or Z, positive of negative (whichever fits better) .


Choose whether you want the faces to be projected across the whole selection or per face.

The Future

Contiguous Pieces

Each set of connected selected faces will be calculated together.

Proportional Edit

Make the planar effect falloff based on proportional edit settings, or approximation thereof [2]Whichever Blender allows.

This was written for the latest Blender Trunk build, but should work in the official 2.7.2x release.

Comments and criticism welcome!


References   [ + ]

1. Facing fully X, Y or Z, positive of negative (whichever fits better)
2. Whichever Blender allows

3dsMax Scripts available again

Hi all!

I’ve had a few reports that my old maxscripts aren’t available anymore. I’ve pushed all the scripts that were available to Google Drive, you can get them here:

Max Extensions

These are the same old max extensions as before and I’ve made no changes since 2007… ish. I won’t be updating the scripts for the foreseeable future either unfortunately (I don’t have access to a Max license anymore and software piracy ain’t my bag… baby). I’m still looking into an acceptable means to make the scripts open source under some sort of permissive license (possibly MIT).

Thanks for reading!

Vertex Colour Mixer

Introducing the Vertex Colour Mixer node graph.


Think of it as a compositor for Vertex Colours on an arbitrary mesh, because that’s exactly what it is.


Download here

It’s quite easy to use, create a vertex node tree, add an Output > Result Node, this is what will do the final compositing of your vertex colours.

Then an Input > Vertex Channel Node, this is the basis of the mixer, this is want will sample colours off your meshes. You need to name your vertex colour channels in the appropriate places, working with Col, Col.001, Col.002 will become tedious.

The Vertex Dirt and AO channels are still very experimental, so beware of those, and as soon as I figure out how, I will add a Live feature so you don’t need to click Mix all the time.

There are some fun things to try, make different colour masks and mix them with the RGB Combine node, it reacts exactly as advertised, when used with a cunning shader it allows you to use the channels for various data, ie. Color1, Color2, AO. This is how we created the monster colour variations for RGBA using Unity3D.

I’m waiting for Blender to support alpha channels and then we’ll have some fun.

Tweet @wahooney or G+ me with any feedback and I’ll see how we can improve this toy 🙂


I’ve updated the addon, the factor value had no effect on the Overlay mix type, as could be seen in the YouTube video. I’ve also renamed colour to color (not a fan, since here in ZA we spell it properly 😉 , but I’m trying to keep things consistent with the rest of Blender)