Quick and dirty verlet test

This is the result of about 30 minutes of python and a loose understanding of Jacobson’s Verlet Integrator. A method that allows for soft editing of organic meshes. Not sure if I’ll take this further, some changes might need to be made to Blender to make this easier.

verlet test

Just add a Monkey into the above scene, don’t modify the monkey that’s already in the scene, that is the reference model. Enter the second monkey’s edit mode, press Space and type Verlet, hit enter. Move vertices around to see their effect (watch the video below).

Note, the above is released free for any and all use, if you use it for something cool feel free to drop my name.

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  1. I notice that when you pull on part of the mesh, the rest that follows it tends to draw together. So basically you’re always pinching the mesh. Is there a way to have the opposite effect as an option? Perhaps a push/swell rather than a pull/pinch.

    1. Lawrence: Right now all that’s happening is that the script is making springs on all edges, so as you drag a vertex around the springs stretch back to their original length. To maintain some volume I’ll have to make imaginary springs between the vertices, not a difficult thing to do I just haven’t done it yet 😉

  2. Is it possible to make a Modefier out of this?
    I think you could make some really interesting results with a modefier that uses a vertex group and an empty.

    1. At this point a modifier is out of the picture, unfortunately. I may continue with the script and if someday pyModifiers make it into Blender, I’ll port it over. If someone else is brave enough to port it, more power to them! 😉

  3. this feature is really cool and interesting it gives me a feel of liquid simulation and also cloth simulation thanks for sharing and keep up the good work and by the way is script available for download? if yes where can i download it?

    Thank You

  4. I think that this is just a great script! i dont understand anything from scripting, but from what i see i think that maybe it will be easy to make a tool that behaves just like the new elastic brush in zbrush 4 (see this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DqsFuafor5I), but instead – in edit mode! even greater it will be if it will work with selection of faces/edges/vertices…. so you can select some part of the geometry and move it – therefore the selected region will not change its volume, but the region after it will be deformed like the elastic brush effect! the other idea that i got is to implement the taper and pole functions to be assigned only on the selection instead like modifiers like it is in Lightwave?! these are just an ideas, i hope that you will make some great tool from this! wish you sucsess! peace!

  5. Just a heads up for any other noobs to python rading through this script. Line 74:

    changes to:

  6. Really demo on this video !
    I want to try it but it’s seem your script don’t work in 2.62 and the link to jacobson verlet integrator is broken. 🙁

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