New Addon: UV Normalize

It’s been a while, but here’s what I hope will be the first of many new tools and addons for Blender 2.5x (built against 2.55)

Download here: wahooney_uv_normalize

This addon allows you to normalize your UV coordinates in Blender so that it fills the uv’s from 0.0 – 1.0, with additional controls for preserving aspect with X or Y, scaling the resulting uvs and positioning them and an optional border padding.

For a complete demonstration, from installation to execution check out the video:

Enjoy! Any constructive feedback will be appreciated.

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  1. Hi Wahooney,

    i was looking for something to check the scale of a UV island. I find it weird that this not a basic function, why do we need to eyeball uv maps? Im trying to get the addon to work with blender 2.72 it doesnt show up in the add on panel after adding the file. Working on mac here

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