New Addon: UV Helpers

UV Helpers is a tool that allows one to modify the texture coordinates at once. Built for Blender 2.55.

Download it here: wahooney_uv_helper

Right now it requires two distinct steps to get the process going, I hope to have the process happen more discreetly in future, but as it stands the addon is very usable.

Feedback and stuff, please!

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    1. Sure you can. However, doing that will have you lose animations, rigs and modifier stack. Even if you have none of those issues, even having your objects at different positions, rotations or scales makes things difficult when separating.

      With UV Helpers it’s: click, unwrap, click, done; and that’s regardless of any kind of setup ( some exceptions to that statement may exist, but I haven’t found one yet and when I do, I assure you it will be dealt with… harshly 😉 )

  1. Awesome work man.. Though a bit surprised blender doesn’t have the ability to edit multiple objects uvs at once.

    I got a lot of use 3ds max scripts in the past.. so I’m really glad to see you’re jumping into blender, too. I’ve only dabbled so far.. hoping to fully adopt it soon once I get some downtime.

  2. Hi

    Well , it could be handy, when you forgot to unwrap your models after you already animate them 😛

    I saw you use Pack Islands when Unwrapping – and you have additional options like pack margin etc @_@ Do you use special Blender build? Because in official Blender 2.56 there is no such option and I miss it :/

    1. I’m running a custom build, which includes those options. I’ve added the patch to the tracker for evaluation and inclusion in the trunk.

  3. any version for 2.56a?

    this is pretty cool!!!
    will be very handy and without headaches (specially for noobs)
    keep the good work!!


  4. Hi man!

    When you “pack” the uv island, you have a property panel where you choose, spaces and other things. But I ave not 🙁 do you know why ? is a special feature?

  5. Hey Wahooney! Thanks for making this cool script. It was always a really great timesaver for My Blender -> Unity workflow. Any plans to update it for Blender 2.57 ?

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