Grease Pencil for Unity


  • Create one or more Grease Pencil canvases per gameObject.
  • Each canvas can have multiple layers with different rendering options
  • Process your strokes with experimental tools like Smooth, Tighten and Optimize
  • Grease Pencil will even render in your game scene and can be used as final artwork.
  • Because canvases are attached to Game Objects, Grease Pencil is compatible with prefabs.



  • 1.0 – Initial Release
  • 1.1.0 – Modifier Update
    • Added modifier stack
    • Added individual stroke and fill colours
    • Added run-time drawing
    • Updated API
    • Updated to allow for 2017LTS support


  • Scatter objects along grease pencil strokes
  • Edit / Sculpt strokes
  • Variable stroke width
  • Grease Pencil to Geometry: create vines, pipes, hoses, viper pits. (Combine with scatter for cool effects)
  • Drawing tool API, ie. line, poly-line, box, n-gon/circle, etc. with possibility to add custom tools.
  • Bake Grease Pencil Canvas to Mesh


  • Draw in UI space, ie. draw UI elements (including 9-slice like support), make UI wireframes, etc.
  • Text support – Instead of writing type and premade (or custom!) glyphs will be baked down to grease pencil strokes.
  • Textured Strokes – Stretch a texture along each stroke
  • Render Grease Pencil Canvasses to Sprites
  • Animation support (seriously blue sky)
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