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New Add-on: Start Skin Modelling

Hi all,

So here’s a new add-on, Start Skin Modelling. Similar to Start Cube Modelling, it makes starting a skin modelling session faster than before.

Head over to the Start Skin Modelling page for more info:

Let me know what you think on Twitter: @Wahooney

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Tool: Semi-Auto-Update Blender 2.8x

Hi all,

I’ve written a cool little PowerShell script (Windows only, obvs.) that automatically updates blender 2.8x builds from the nightly-builds server.

Right-click the file and select Run with Power Shell and follow any prompts. The script automatically scrapes the builds site for the latest windows 64-bit build, downloads it to your PC, unzips and copies it to the correct location. The script will pause while any Blender instances are open.

There are options in the script to change the locations of files, etc. directly after the license.

The script requires 7-zip to be installed and is best installed into a folder like C:\Apps.

Let me know what you think on Twitter: @Wahooney

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Updated Add-On: Start Cube Modelling

Hello all,

I’ve updated Start Cube Modelling to work with Blender 2.8+ and added a few features while I was at it.

Note: All Blender add-ons are synced on Dropbox, so the above button will always link to the latest version.

Blender 2.8 Update – Blender 2.8 changed some stuff under the hood that needed fixing in the add-on, and also added new features to the Mirror modifier (bisect & flip) which are now being used by Start Cube Modelling.

Starting Conditions – You can now optionally size your cube and align it to the cursor’s rotation, fun!

Axes FTW! – Set your symmetry axis any way you want it, as long as it’s X, Y or Z! Hurrah! You can also flip your starting side. The Mirror modifiers On Cage is also automatically enabled.

Add Subdivision Modifier – Add a Subdivision modifier from the operator. No more pressing Ctrl-1 for you! It automatically enables On Cage and Optimal Display for your convenience.


  • Do you think it’s worth while adding multi-axis support?
  • Or no axis? Shouldn’t you just use a cube for that? Or do you want a pre-subdivided cube with a Subdivision modifier?
  • Different starting primitive (sphere, icosphere, cylinder, etc)?

Let me know what you think on Twitter: @Wahooney

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I’m back!

Hi everyone sorry for the hiatus, but between work, life and my last site being hacked repeatedly I had little time to get the site back up.

So I’m going to try to post more regularly, I’ll be posting updates to my Blender Add-ons (updated for 2.80 YAY!), my Unity Assets, and games I’ve worked on recently and in the past.

Be good.