This site is dedicated to the creation of automation tools for 3d apps like Blender and 3ds max.

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    1. Unfortunately I don’t have access to a version of 3DSMax past version 8, if the day should come that I do I will update the scripts.

  1. Hi, I watched your videos about CSG in Unity 3D and I really like them and need them right now. However I couldn’t find them anywhere in your website or on the Asset Store. If I’m missing something please send me a link to buy it. If you’re not selling it on any platform, I’d be appreciate if you contact me from my email address, because I’m really interested and need a solution like that as soon as possible. Thank in advance..

  2. hi,
    i was searching for a max script for 2.5d, 3d switching according to the view type (perspective, ortographic) and i found this “autosnap” script in some forums which are directing here. but it doesn’t apear now.
    is there any way to help me to find it or to mail me ?

  3. Hi, I’m also looking for the “Viewport Auto-Snap” script, the scriptspot link is broken. Could you email it to me?

    Thanks a lot!

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