Musings on Luke Cage – 99.97% Spoiler Free

I know this is a departure from my usual content, but I felt a need, so here goes…

I just finished Marvel’s Luke Cage, so I thought I’d throw my thoughts out there as a South African white boy.

All-in-all Luke Cage is pretty good. I can’t say that I enjoyed it as much as Dare Devil or Jessica Jones though…

The reason being is that Luke Cage wasn’t made for me, there’s a lot of context and cultural references I just don’t get, and that is kind of the point and that’s the show’s power. Serving the unserved, and teaching the untaught through something that’s made with the same love as DD and JJ. To quote Method Man: “There’s something powerful about seeing a black man as bulletproof and unafraid.”

And make no mistake, LC is an act of love. The setting, the mood, cinematography, music and the casting (especially Mahershala Ali as Cottonmouth!!); top-notch all around! And the fact that the creatives behind the show are people of colour fills me with a kind of joy I honestly have never felt before.

On the bad side, the dialogue can be clumsy at times, some of the fight choreography could have done with some polish, and some story elements didn’t hit home for me, but I chalk that up to the aforementioned lack of cultural context.

In conclusion, Luke Cage is good. And important. And I’m looking forward to seeing him in Defenders and (hopefully) Season 2.

PS The eulogy Luke gave:

New Addon: Start Cube Modelling

Hello all!

In an effort to regain my modelling prowess, I’ve decided to model more, and in typical fashion I have written an add-on to speed that process up.

Start Cube Modelling will create a cube, slice half of it away, add a mirror modifier, enable clipping and get you straight into edit mode. From zero to modelling in less than a tenth of a second!

Download it here.

At the moment the add-on is only available through the Search menu. I doubt that it will ever have a shortcut (it’s not something we’ll access that often), though I may add it to the Add > Meshes menu in the future.