New Addon: Set Bone Lengths (UPDATED)

Hello everybody!

How’re yall doing? Have you ever wanted to scale bones towards/away from the head/tail? Now you can with:


Adjust lengths to an absolute length or scale them relatively, scale from the head or the tail, or anything in between!

Warning, works best on bones without children, hierarchy aware transforms coming… sometime… soon… -ish.

Seems that was easier than I thought. Another warning, however, if you scale a complex hierarchy away from the tail (Bias = 0.0) things do get a bit unpredictable, unfortunately that is just the nature of the beast and nothing will fix that.

Enjoy! Like! Tweet! +1!

Updated UV Scripts! And a new script! And another promise!

Hello all my faithful followers! I’ve called you both over here today to celebrate some scripts that have been updated for Blender 2.6.2:



Both work in 2.6.2 now and have had some minor tweaks for more erratic behaviour, including Copy Mirror UVs not copying triangles.

I’ve also included a smaller script that I’ve found useful for a number of projects:


This randomizes the colour of all selected objects within the specified limits. Use the object colour in your material to make use of this.

I hope you all enjoy and I hope to be updating this site more frequently ( as I always promise :P ).

Ludum Dare #22 – Abandoned Planet

This was my first Ludum Dare project. I really liked the theme, but I definitely liked the project I chose. I dusted off an old idea and an old name (but made entirely new assets).

Abandoned Planet has the player taking control of the lone survivor of an unknown space catastrophe, she finds herself stranded on a planet and has to find a way to get herself rescued.

Play it here

Controls are:

WASD or Arrow Keys – movement
Mouse – Aim/Look
LeftMouse – Use device / drop carried item
RightMouse – Use Device Alternate
Mouse Wheel – Switch through Devices
E – pickup nearby item / drop carried item
F – Flash Light
1 – Drink Water
2 – Eat Food
3 – Find Hope


The ultimate plan is that players must figure things out for themselves, a walkthrough to the (simple, for the moment) completion will follow sometime soonish.

Things to consider 

The resource mechanic hasn’t been as fleshed out as I’d have liked, for instance hope is supposed to be far more intricate, I will be updating the game in future to make it more important.

Tutorial: Unwrapping cables

Cables, vines, tentacles and pipes can be very fiddly things to unwrap, a proces made much easier by the cool UV tools within Blender! The video tutorial below goes through the process from beginning to end, complete with an example of what to do when a common UV unwrapping error occurrs: unwrapping a mesh with inconsistent normals.


As usual comments and crits welcome.

Quick and dirty verlet test

This is the result of about 30 minutes of python and a loose understanding of Jacobson’s Verlet Integrator. A method that allows for soft editing of organic meshes. Not sure if I’ll take this further, some changes might need to be made to Blender to make this easier.

verlet test

Just add a Monkey into the above scene, don’t modify the monkey that’s already in the scene, that is the reference model. Enter the second monkey’s edit mode, press Space and type Verlet, hit enter. Move vertices around to see their effect (watch the video below).

Note, the above is released free for any and all use, if you use it for something cool feel free to drop my name.

step into the light